Electrical Parts & Accessories

We supply and fit a large range of parts and accessories for cars, light commercials, heavy truck, motor homes and boats.

If it's electrical and you need it on your vehicle we will be able to source or replace the part.

Here's a list of just some of the areas we can help you with :

  • GPS tracking units, ideal for vehicle security, vehicle monitoring and logistics.
  • Car Audio, CD/DVD head units, Bluetooth hands free, speakers, aerials, masts, whips, and amps.
  • EFI components, oxy sensors, air flow metres, coil packs, cam sensors, crank shaft sensors, fuel pumps, throttle bodies
  • MAP sensors, knock sensors, temperature sensors, ECUs
  • ABS brakes, wheel sensors, etc
  • Ignition parts, spark plugs, distributors, spark plugs, glow plugs, caps and rotors
  • Alarms, central locking, key less entry, immobilizers
  • Lighting, every type including, spot, navigation, head lights, work lights, day light running, beacons, strobe, trailer, interior, LED, Xenon, reverse, driving, hand held, LED strip lighting etc
  • Switches for just about every vehicle
  • Motors for windows, winches, pumps
  • Relays, solenoids, hydraulic solenoids, OEM and specialty relays, flasher units
  • Air Conditioning, fan motors, compressors, filters, receiver dryers, evaporators, clutches, valves, TX valves, hoses, heater cores
  • Cable, fuses, buzzers, chargers, horns
    ..... and a whole lot more!

Top quality brands

We use top quality brands, including: